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At SJ Granite, we understand the importance of finding great deals. We are committed to helping you save money without compromising on quality. Our goal is to provide you with affordable options to enhance your home’s aesthetics.

We offer a wide range of granite and quartz worktops that cater to various budgets.  Our dedication to value means that you can upgrade your home with our fantastic offers, knowing you’re getting the best deal possible.

So why wait? Browse our range of granite and quartz products today and start transforming your home with SJ Granite. T&C’s apply, see below.

Calacatta Anticatto

£123/SQM FROM £92.25/SQM

Calacatta Antico

£105/SQM FROM £78.75/SQM

Calacatta Breccia

£105/SQM FROM £78.75/SQM


£89/SQM FROM £66.75/SQM

Calacatta Roma

£123/SQM FROM £92.25/SQM

Calacatta York

£105/SQM FROM £78.75/SQM

Carrara Rafaello

£76/SQM FROM £57/SQM

Cosmic White

£100/SQM FROM £75.00/SQM

El Dorado

£100/SQM FROM £75.00/SQM


£101/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM

Montebello Quartz

£101/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM

New Venato

£89.00/SQM FROM £66.75/SQM

Light Grey Mirror

£72.00/SQM FROM £54.00/SQM

Pietra Grey Quartz

£101/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM

Calacatta Grey

£100.00/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM

Carrara Cream

£101/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM

Platinium Grey

£101/SQM FROM £75.75/SQM


£105/SQM FROM £78.75/SQM


£105/SQM FROM £78.75/SQM


£89/SQM FROM £66.75/SQM

Terms and conditions:

Up to 25% off on selected Quartz materials listed above on offers page. Can’t find what you are looking, explore our stunning collection of Granite and Quartz worktops. 

Take advantage of our Sale and save up to £1000. Valid till 25th August 2024

Offer is on Quartz material only and excludes fitting and fabrication costs. 

Quartz Worktops – Quartz stands out for its consistent appearance, setting it apart from natural stones like granite and marble. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that SJ Granite Quartz slabs are produced in batches, which may result in slight variations in colour, tone, pattern, and particle distribution. As a result, samples, swatches, and displays serve as a general representation of the appearance rather than an exact match.

Bespoke Products –

As our worktops are custom-made and crafted from natural materials, the images of worktop components and materials on our website are meant for illustrative purposes only. While we have taken utmost care to display the components, color, and texture of materials accurately, we cannot guarantee that these images perfectly reflect the appearance of the finished worktop.

Each worktop is unique, and slight variations may occur compared to the images displayed. Additionally, since our products are bespoke, there might be minor differences between the sizes, weights, capacities, dimensions, and measurements indicated on our website or in your order and those of the final product. Rest assured, we’ll strive to deliver a stunning and high-quality worktop tailored to your specifications.

Measurements of the worktop – We offer a customised Quotation based on the measurements and specific requirements you provide us. It’s important to note that the total price mentioned in your Quotation is subject to confirmation after a template/site survey. Any changes to your order or exact measurements during the template stage may lead to adjustments in the total price to accurately reflect the final specifications.

Suitability – We place our trust in the measurements, plans, specifications, and choices provided by you. It is crucial that you ensure all the information you provide us is accurate and correct. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that the chosen worktop is suitable for installation at your site. We’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life, but accuracy and suitability are essential to achieve the desired results.

Collection – You may also choose the collection only option, if that is the case, please let us team know. Once the product is collected, we cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur thereafter. 

Your right to make changes – After you’ve placed your order, we understand that certain changes may be necessary based on the template findings or any requests made before or during the template process. We’ll accommodate such changes to ensure your satisfaction. However, once you’ve confirmed the final order details following the template, the worktop will proceed to production, and no further changes will be possible. We encourage careful consideration during this stage to ensure your worktop aligns perfectly with your preferences and requirements.